Social Media Marketing

Get a unique opportunity to dialogue with  your audience.

From likers to buyers

It's well known, that traditional sales tactics and social media is a difficult match. Succeeding as a business on social media like Facebook and Twitter requires engagement on a whole different  level. We can analyze your social business potentials and setup a strategy that converts soft likers into to profitable buyers.

Example of a small effort strategy

1,310,000,000 billion - was the number of active Facebook users per month in January 2014. Your existing customers are most likely in that count and so are their friends and network. Here is a tip: Rewarding  one happy customer every week is a simple but super powerful marketing move. Doing what you don't have to, calls on positive attention, the kind of attention friends love to share. It will strengthen your brand awareness and show that you take customer care personally. Don't give a car, even small tokens has a huge effect.

Example of a serious strategy

Twitter and Facebook works as a great help desk extension. You might think that exposing a product bug or a customer issue will bring negative attention to your business, but if done with the right intention it will do exactly the opposite!. In most industries, great customer care has become the new black and not something to neglect. We have the software platform to manage a full blown social help desk, with ticketing system, real-time notifications and staff management. If you have resources this is a great opportunity to set your business apart from the competition. 

Example of a well know strategy

Incentive campaigning can generate instant leads and boost your subscriber database lightning fast. Running a cool contest or spreading valuable freebies is a cheap trade for loads of leads for your sales team to work on. We use top of the line software to manage your campaigns, lead routing and scoring.

We got the tools and knowhow for you to stay ahead

We are partners with a wide range of software providers and we are constantly scouting for emerging social trends. Our experts will make sure that you have easy access to the newest marketing opportunities. Contact us for a free analysis of your brand and products social potential.

What can we do for you?

Maybe your already engaged in social marketing and just need a point in the right direction or maybe your looking for a full managed strategy. Never the less, we would love to hear from you. Our social marketing team is ready to discuss what ever needs you may have.

We specializes in:

  • Social contests
  • Targeted Facebook PPC
  • Social help desk setup
  • Recurring event management
  • Subscriber list building
  • Page and group design
  • Social strategies
  • Mentions monitoring
  • Trolling/shit storm protection


Attract attention to your product or brand. Find out what interests your audience and mingle.


Encourage dialogue and let everyone know about your companies next big thing. Reply fast and show interest.


Inspire your audience to share content and visit your website campaigns from social networks.