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A recent study concludes that email marketing is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

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Are email marketing a successful part of your sales activities?

If are not already engaged with email marketing , then you are definitely missing out on significant revenue. Sure successful email marketing is not a walk in the park, it takes planning and well thought out execution, but then again what marketing strategy doesn't. We bet that once you have seen the results, you will ask yourself - why didn't we do this at an earlier stage.

We can help plan and execute your entire email marketing strategy or you can pick the specific services you need.

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Email Marketing Services

Paid Email Subscribers

We can help maintain your lists by feeding your subscriber database with fresh and targeted users.

We work with a wide variety partners delivering everything from low price bulk lists to private label campaign list building. Contact us for a quote.

Instant HTTP Delivery

We can deliver subscribers directly to email management systems that supports live HTTP feeds. This is a great option if your using email automation as part of your campaign strategy.

CSV file Delivery

If you prefer to import your subscribers manually, then a bulk CSV file delivery is possible. This option is good if you need preprocessing before import.

Subscriber Segmentation

There is really no limitation on subscriber segmentation, but it inflects the price and potential volume of delivery. The most usual segment data is: Name, Sex, Age and Phone number. Your business might need more information about the subscriber, like address, income level, home owner or other details. Start a conversation and let's talk about the options for your business.

TM Call Accept

If your looking for subscribers as well as telemarketing leads, then  we can add a opt-in where the user actively accepts to receive a call from you. This is a great option if your alreadt engaged with telemarketing. 

Subscriber Pricing


$ 0,15 per subscriber

Turnkey Email Marketing Setup

With our turnkey solution you will get everything needed to implement email marketing as a native part of your sales department.

EMail management system 

To manage your email marketing strategy we offer a range of different solutions depending on your specific needs and ambitions. We work with:

  • Hubspot
  • Getresponse
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
Import existing subscribers

If you have an existing subscriber database or customers we will segment an import them ready for use in your campaigns.

Newsletter design templates

To send out email campaigns you need a great looking email template. As part of the turnkey setup we design a template that follows your requirements.

Website sign-up form

Your website and email footer should encourage potential customers to sign-up to your newsletter. We will design and code the landing page and links for your website and emails.


Email automation is an important part of most email marketing strategies. It can be used for auto responding after a subscriber signs up or when a user has activated a certain trigger on your website. We will setup whatever needs you have for automated responses.

A/B split test setup

Split testing is used to locate the best performing content in each email campaign before sending to the entire list. We setup the most important tests so there ready to use.

Email marketing training

When your marketing setup is ready for use, we will train you or a staff member how to utilizes the setup. You also have full access to our fast responding support team.

Turnkey Pricing

Starts at

$ 1.700 incl. support

Email Campaign Management

Writing compelling newsletter content that converts is an art form, doing it continually can be a overwhelming task for most businesses.

We can manage all your email marketing activities such as, list building, writing campaign content that converts and track the results.

When out sourcing your campaign send outs, we need to make sure that your email marketing platform is technical efficient to a degree where we can carry out the necessary optimization. Contact us for a conversation.

Professional content writers

Communicating in the right words is utterly important for your conversion rates. Pairing the right author with the right business is a matter of both skills and chemistry  To ensure we have the right author for every case, we use many external authors to produce content.

Professional photo editing

Statistics shows that emails including images perform the best. To make sure your emails use compelling images, we have professional media designers who will make your newsletters stand out.

Campaign tracking

Tracking is important to understand what to optimize. Opening rates and in content clicks is usually not enough to measure which approach works the best. You often need to track from opening to sale before you fully understand were to improve. We offer full tracking on all levels.

Remarketing triggers

Remarketing is the ability to act on users individual behavior across your platforms. If a user visited a certain part of your website twice, then you might want to address then differently in the next newsletter. We offer several remarketing triggers to use on websites and social media.

Automation workflows

Automation is used for autoresponding in varies situations. The most popular one is the classic email users will receive after signing up, but there is a lot more to automation. You can define automation workflows based on a users birthday, special events, a users interaction on websites or apps. The possibilities are endless.

A/B Split test

Together with our clients, we use A/B split tests, to make sure we get the best conversion results from each campaign send out.

Managed Pricing

Starts at

$ 399 per month