Without valuable content your online presence will evolve into nothing but a fart in the dark.

Content marketing Consultancy

Content marketing is a strategy focusing on producing quality content desired by your audience. Its about making your self useful: to genuinely help, inform, delight, and inspire your customers and prospects.

We can help you setup and execute your content marketing strategy.

A strong foundation is crucial for success

If you are ready to start produce content right away, We understand. But before you sharping the pencil, you will need to define why you create content and what you are trying to achieve with it. The decisions you make is crucial for a strong content marketing plan.

As a content marketer, you need to be able to generate an endless stream of interesting, unique, and valuable content ideas. To be honest , content marketing is a big task, but if have what it takes, its also very rewarding.

Content marketing is a long-term investment asset

With traditional marketing such as TV commercials and pay per click campaigns, your will only be present with constant funding. With content marketing such as articles providing valuable information to customers and strong search engine positioning, you will have a long-term asset investment.

Lets say you are the marketing manager of a company and last month you bought a $100.000 TV commercial. After three months I ask you, to point out where the $100.000 investment is. What would your answer be?

Lets say, in stead of the TV commercial you spend $100.000 on content marketing. After  three months I ask the same question, where are the $100.000 marketing investment?

Both marketing strategies will generate sales, but there is a vital difference. With content marketing your holding a long-term asset, thats cheap to maintain.

We can help you plan, schedule, execute and produce valuable content.